These are real, living people who have submitted their results to us on the AltShift Diet Facebook group.  Take a look at the amazing results they are getting with AltShift, both aesthetic and health-wise!


"It’s easy to see myself doing this indefinitely. I feel great! I haven’t had any of the ups and downs with my energy or motivation that I felt when we tried other things." Sheryl Seib was the first person to ever try AltShift and she lost 5 inches in her waist in just 6 weeks. Her results just keep getting better!*


I found this way of life in June of 17. I am 48 yrs old and had a heart attack at 37. I was on cholesterol medicine and blood pressure medicine, i was also diagnosed as being pre diabetic. I was eating the American standard diet and had ballooned up to a size 40 waist. I went for a physical in Sept in that short time my sugar was normal, my cholesterol and triglycerides were the lowest ever and my blood pressure was 100/60. I am now off my cholesterol medicine completely and BP med was halved. This lifestyle took a little time to get used to I went through low carb flu and felt like crap for about two weeks everything ached and felt sick. Once I came through the other side I started to feel better. More energy not being hungry and overall better mood. I have been living this ever since. I decided to come back for the new year just to make sure my holiday deviations didn’t turn into anything long term. The only complaint I have is now that I am at a 35 in waist I have to either buy suit separates or custom suits cause off the rack are to big in the waist to Match my jacket size. Oh well the price of health I guess. Again Jason thank you!!!"*


This is after one month of doing AltShift. I have been eating paleo for 6 years. I had gained a little weight during grad school the last couple years (can you say stress, lack of sleep, and no time to cook or workout?!) and was looking for something to help kick start some fat loss. I am so happy I found AltShift. I have learned so much more about health since I started, and have the best willpower to eat healthy I've ever had. Thanks!*


I want this post to be read by the curious who have been looking and reading posts, but have been too caught up with conventional dieting to jump head first into AltShift. And I want those people to know this is not a diet; this is a life choice. Yes, I have lost inches and weight, but what I have gained far outweighs (no pun intended of course) the physical. I had depression, serious, clinical, debilitating depression and living in the Pacific Northwest exacerbates it in the winter time. This winter I felt better than I do in the summer. My mood was level, my emotions were happy and energy level was phenomenal. The continuous intestinal pain I had when I eat is gone, my congestion and perpetual sore throat is gone and my headaches/migraines are few and far between. This way of eating has changed me. My work performance has improved, I’m more social and I care about my personal environment (my home, my family, my friends, my animals), in ways that I haven’t before. It’s as if I had blinder on for most of my life and I was finally able to take them off. Best of all I am no longer taking my antidepressants!*


6 month AltShift-aversary. 11 pounds, 4 inches off waist and hips. Gains in so many other ways!*


100 awesome days on AltShift! I love this 'diet' that doesn't feel like a diet at all. I wasn't planning on sharing these because I haven't been 100% compliant. But my sister, who has been compliant with amazing results, has encouraged me to post these. I don't know how many inches I've lost because I used yarn to measure when I started. Not a good idea. But I do know that my clothes are too big and I'm down 25 pounds. I have more energy, I sleep better, and no longer feel like I need a mid-day nap. I love my long walks, and my sister and I see a trainer twice a week for 30 minutes to 'lift heavy things'. Bottom line, I FEEL GREAT!!!*


285 to 248lbs, 19.5 inches lost, down 2 pants sizes, XXL To XL shirts, can do a pull up for the first time ever! 90 days shifting. Still a work in progress.*


These are my 60 day pics, my scale weight in both pictures are about the same. The plan has been a breeze to follow, no starvation diets, just tasty, healthy food. No hours in the gym beating your body into submission, instead a sensible amount of healthy movement. Love that there is a Facebook forum with awesome people to support and encourage. Also that the founder of the program is very active to answer questions and offer continued guidance. I'm 46 and this program has helped me lose some very stubborn belly fat, can't wait to see what the next 60 days will bring. *


I am so happy to finally be enjoying a healthy relationship with food. After years of spending 100's of dollars on pills, creams, shakes, and drops, my husband and I were sick of being the "forever dieting" couple (as our friends so lovingly called us lol), who never lost any weight. I obsessed over the scale and would find myself restricting/binging more than anything. I read the AltShift book on a plane home from a business trip with my husband, Waid, and was in tears thinking "this is it"... and it was! I started at 252lbs and am at 215lbs three months later! We are loving family walks and cooking together, and our family is healthier in every possible way since starting this new way of living!*


AltShifting 97 days now, although not totally perfect. Down 20 pounds and 15 inches! Things feel like they are slowing down a little lately, but I know that's just part of the process. I'm so proud of how long I've stuck to this, it feels so normal now! I still have hard moments, but overall I am thrilled to be losing weight eating so many yummy things!*


Thank you AltShift! I'm 138 days into this "diet" and I have yet to feel deprived. I feel great and have tons of energy. I love learning more and more about the science behind this protocol and I LOVE the focus on health. I just finished reading "The Big Fat Surprise"... It's crazy to me how wrong conventional wisdom is about fat loss. I'm eating lots of saturated fat and I do not do any cardio or spend a bunch of time at the gym. I walk as much as I can. I prioritize sleep. I meditate. I lift weights twice a week. And I've lost 25 lbs and 27" since starting AltShift on January 31... which means I've had to get all new clothes!*


Started Nov 13th, sick and sore (10 year thyroid level issues and arthritis in the knee ). I've been pretty compliant. Not one food slip up, but a few weekend drinks... Down 55 lbs and 39 inches. I make it to the gym about twice a week. My aches and pains are now going away so I'll be walking and lifting 4-5 days a week as soon as next week, look out. Best thing to ever happen to me! No pain equals much gains!*


6 months of AltShift. Down 3 inches in the waist and 3.75 inches in the hips. Plenty of energy to work full time and keep up with my three young children! For the first time in my life the crazy food cravings are virtually gone!*


202 days into AltShift, and my progress continues! I've lost 4 inches in my belly (and 3 each in my natural waist and hips). What's far more important to me now is that I'm sticking with something with no effort. My priority has changed from a desperate focus on being "hot" to a peaceful desire to be as healthy as I can! It's become second nature to eat this way, and the effects spill over into the rest of my life. My sleep is a priority, I manage stress with 5 minutes of daily meditation, and I'm crushing my big lifts in the gym. AltShift is a game changer, and I am so grateful I threw myself into this with a focus on the long road. I can't wait to see what happens in 200 more days.*


AltShift is amazing. I had great results in my first month dropping over 6" all around. Took a bit of a break around Xmas but jumped back in when I returned home from the holidays. I walk everyday but haven't started lifting yet. I'm nowhere near being a pro, but I feel great! A couple of months ago I noticed that I stalled in my progress so I started meditating. Within the first 2 weeks of meditating my hips were down another 1/2"! I'm now on day 41 of meditating and I also understand the importance of it.*


Day 83....I can't even begin to explain the mindset change that has taken place with me. Probably for the first time in my life I feel so in control of my food, and negative thoughts that like to creep in and sabotage my efforts every time I lose a little weight and then give up and it all comes back! The daily periscopes have been a huge part of my new mindset and success thus far....the information, affirmations, rants and tough love that Jason provides to us daily is just priceless! As of today...I am down a total of 22.5 inches since January 1st....9.5 since February 1...and probably only reflecting a 6-8lbs loss..I haven't been keeping exact obsession with the scale has gone away as well!!! I went from a tight size 16 to a loose 12 today!! I finally feel like I have the answer to my life struggle of weight loss ups and downs, all the while never feeling like this is a "diet"'s my new life and I LOVE it! *


I was introduced to AltShift by one of my athletes at the gym where I am a Crossfit coach. I have been coaching for four years and LOVE what I do. Yet, it was so difficult to walk into the gym every day with a mission to inspire others to become better, fitter, healthier versions of themselves, while looking, feeling, and eating the way I did. It was embarrassing, and I felt constant shame. I used to look very fit 20 years ago, but after having children and wrecking my metabolism with every fad diet you could think of, the weight went up and up and up. I read AltShift, began following the community, listened to some podcasts, and gave it a try. Immediately, I loved the food, the shifting, and the results I was getting. I am nowhere near perfect, but I am making changes in the right direction and seeing the benefits physically and mentally. My clothes continue to fit better, and pics show changes, and every week one of my athletes at the gym comments on how great I look! Even better is how I feel. My blood pressure has dropped from high to excellent, acid reflux gone, and have made strength gains in the gym (got a 305# deadlift and almost got my strict pull-up!). My mental attitude and thoughts about my worth are consistently positive and no longer dependent on my waist circumference. I'm loving life, and AltShift has played a large role in that. Thank you Jason and ALL of the AltShift community!*


I've been AltShifting for almost 8 months... like a pro for the last 4 months! I do believe my broken metabolism is healing!!! It was worth the wait! I took desperation out of my journey after the first of the year. I believe that mindset is what made the biggest difference (meditation)!! I believe I'm worth it!!
I have so much more energy! I've gone down from 2 cups of coffee to just 1/2 a cup! Sleep is awesome! I'm just so dang happy! I also had my IUD removed in February! I could really go on and on. AltShift is my new life. It's part of me now. It's truly the easiest thing I have ever done! The best part is is that it's sustainable! I have about an 800 calorie split and I'm averaging 1700-1800 calories! This feels like my happy place! All I do is walk. I have tennis elbow (so painful) and can't lift right now! I can't wait to start lifting!! I've gone from 2500 steps a day to about 12-14,000 steps per day!!
So far I've lost 8 inches over all! I only measured chest, waist, and hips in the beginning. I added lower waist, biceps, and thighs in the last couple of months! Chest -2in, Waist -2in, Hips -1in, Lower waist -2in, Right bicep -.5in, Right thigh -.5in.
And as always a huge THANK YOU to the AltShiftDream Team!!*


I am almost 65 years old, had my thyroid removed 3 years ago because of a huge goiter in my airway, am taking replacement thyroid hormones, and see an Endocrinologist twice a year for a check on how newly added Cytomel (T3) is affecting my body.

At the prompting of my amazing daughter, Amy, I started ‪#‎AltShift‬ in January after eating mostly Paleo. After the first shift, I lost 3.5 inches! I do not weigh, don't count calories, and have stopped measuring - this diet is simply my "way of life" now. My pants size went from an almost 14 to a 10 and (sadly) I need to take a tuck in my bras.

My doctor's questions below:

Do you have any pain anywhere? No
Any tremors? (Extending arms out in front of me) No
How is your sleep? Got 8 hours last night
Any concern over weight loss? Wha??? Again, without weighing, I was unaware of how much weight I've lost. Still don't know and don't really care!
Any muscle weakness? None
Comment from doctor: Your blood pressure is fantastic!

After all of the above, she recommended I only come in once a year for blood work to check my T3. Expecting twin girls in July, she asked if I was still doing Paleo. I told her about AltShift. She assured me that she was going to check it out and start up after she nursed her twins. Apparently, she was as impressed with AltShift as I. On a humorous side note, as I left the office, a young lady at the counter told me that she loved my hair. I replied, "It's an old lady hairdo!" to which she said, "Girlfriend (pointing and waving her finger), YOU ARE FINE WINE!" That about says it all!*


Why I love ‪#AltShift‬. In spite of a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t budge the pudge around my midsection. Very frustrating because I just didn’t know what else I could do if I was already eating paleo, and was active, and worked out. Well…being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance somewhat explained my situation, but only made me even more determined to shed the excess fat and get healthier and more fit. Six months ago I bought the AltShift book because of the tagline “lasting fast loss at last”. After reading the book, I almost didn’t adopt the protocol because it was so very much like how I was already living. But, I jumped in and figured if it didn’t work then I would ask Jason for advice. The first few months I saw no visible changes – no inches lost, no difference in clothing size. However, I felt really good, had more energy and was sleeping better. I saw no reason to give up because, well, even if I didn’t seem to be losing fat, at least AltShift was improving my life in other ways. Then, after almost 4 months I noticed my clothes were loose and when I measured I had lost a couple of inches. Fast forward. It’s been 194 days and I’m 10 inches, 3 sizes, and 14 pounds smaller. My cholesterol and triglycerides are now within normal range and my glucose levels (both fasting and HbA1c) have improved. So, even though at first it seemed the differences between my previous lifestyle and AltShift were minor, it’s those differences that have added up to make a major change in my health, fitness level, and how I look. All these changes in just half a year. Yep. I love AltShift. *


When you look honestly at yourself in the mirror and decide you are ready to change your life--give Alt Shift a try. Trust me. Once you experience the benefits of this lifestyle, you won’t look back. In the 315 days since I changed how I eat the healthy foods I was consuming, ditched sugar and the unhealthy foods I shouldn’t have been eating, I have lost over 25 inches of my former self. My doctor tells me 30 pounds have disappeared. I feel better than I have in decades. My knees no longer ache, I don’t get daily headaches and I can walk without being winded. Jason Seib has created a group of supportive collaborators for this journey—and he leads the charge! Jason is engaging and accessible. Daily. Multiple times a day if that is what it takes keep you on track. Others on this fat loss program are just as supportive, encouraging and positive. If fat loss and getting healthy are your goals---these are your people. Be prepared for honesty and a helping hand when you need it. This is a path to sustained success. Give yourself this gift. You won’t regret it.

*Results may vary from person to person.