The Next Round Of AltShift Activate Starts On
January 1!!

If you struggle to stay on track with the AltShift lifestyle, or if you are just starting out and want to put your best foot forward, AltShift Activate can help you achieve your goals more permanently and effectively than any other tool we’ve seen.

This isn’t a program designed to get you some fast weight loss and then leave to your own devices.  This is the path to real, sustainable change that you can keep for a lifetime.  No tricks or gimmicks here, just healthy AltShift lifestyle choices mixed with the head shifts that you need to make it stick for good this time.

Let’s do this!

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Read what people have to say about how AltShift Activate changed they way they think and contributed to their success. And we’re just getting started!

“I started Alt-Shift the day it was released, and while I got good results when life got stressful I stopped the program. The Alt-Shift Activate process has been so helpful for learning how to analyze the emotional/mental side of my relationship with food. Such incredible insights are priceless!”  – Cheryl

“AltShift Activate definitely helped me realize the importance of walking, meditation, and sleep. Everything works together for health not just the food. The daily videos are very motivational. Jason’s care and support are extraordinary!”  – Kimberly

“I’ve been able to let go of tracking every bite that I eat. Now, I just put foods where they belong in each Shift. I have control now. I have also had some huge eye-opening moments that will go a very long way to having the right perspective of my body. I am so thankful for Jason’s daily videos. Some were hard to hear, but very much needed! I highly recommend AltShift Activate to anyone that’s brand new or to someone who’s been around since the beginning like myself.”  – Mandy

“ASA has been the key for me to put all of the AltShift pieces together. It’s intensive therapy with Jason in a supportive group environment. I’m so glad I signed up for ASA!”  – Jeannine

“AltShift Activate has been a game changer for putting my head into why I self sabotage and fall off track. Jason’s words of wisdom are so on point and accurate it is like he is in our heads!”  – Candice

“I have been AltShifting since the beginning and even though I completely understand the guidelines, I was overthinking it. AltShift Activate has been such a game changer for me. Breaking things down the way Jason has makes things so simple and easy to follow. Once I got “out of my head” and just started following the four pillars (meditate, sleep, walk and eat according to my shift) it just feels so natural and something I can do for the rest of my life.”  – Melissa

“I’ve had so many A-HA moments it’s crazy! Jason has a way of making you go…OH!!! I get it now! Or YES!!! That’s ME! I do that! He gives so much insight and guidance, I’m forever grateful!”  – Dre

“I struggled for 9 months and kept deviating every few weeks for a few weeks. AltShift Activate had helped me focus on the pillars needed to do this for life. To me ASA and Jason’s support has been invaluable.”  – Leah

“ASA is what you need when you’ve read the books, taken the AltShift like a pro, joined the FB group and Forum and realize you need to dig a little deeper to make these changes. Being honest and vulnerable all at the same time are key to taking part in Activate. I’d take part in Activate more than once because it’s been so impactful but I won’t need to. I’ve changed inside which has absolutely changed my outside.”  – Jessica

“In AltShift Activate, I get to wake up every day to a new video by Jason to guide and inspire me as I learn to integrate AltShift into my busy life. Those informational yet responsive videos, in addition to the daily task reminders and a lively and thought-provoking online community, offer an outstanding value at such a minimal cost. Investing in AltShift Activate to get the basics of AltShift dialed in a manageable way has been worth every penny.”  – Sally

“AltShift Activate has provided me with the consistency I needed to fully get my arms around why I continued to get in my own way. When I would over think the program or get frustrated, ASA provided the tough love, reminders and community that I needed to continue digging to get to the root causes of my issues. I finally feel like I’m breaking free from the burdens and extrinsic forces that have hampered my ability to be a healthy human.”  – Bridget

“AltShift Activate has taught me to be mindful, stick to my shift appropriate foods and rebooted my relationship with food. Simple but not easy. Jason is so passionate and wanting us to succeed with ASA.”  – Cindy

“I have started AltShift several times. I have never stuck with it even though I love the food and the results that I get. I have been able to stick with AltShift this time with the constant help and attention of Jason Seib. Even when he is helping someone else, I usually feel the same way or understand how they feel which keeps me going. I have watched the videos and feel like Jason is talking directly to me. His direct insight is like having a personal coach, but he covers more than I would ever think of on my own. This program has been wonderful and well worth my time, effort and money. I will forever be grateful to Jason for his help and insight.”  – Matt

“AltShift Activate has been the best experience! It’s like 1 on 1 coaching with Jason in a group setting. I had a lot going on during this process and the upbeat positive nature of this setting for me through a lot of rough days. The support that is provided is wonderful and I am thankful that I said yes to myself and did this for me. Say yes to putting yourself first and do AltShift Activate, you’re worth the investment!” – Amanda

“I have tried every diet, supplement, therapist you can think of, and ASA has been the best investment of time and money I have made in myself- ever!!! It’s like a live, interactive, version of Body Beliefs and AltShift. Not only will Jason respond to any question, issue, or concern you have, but you have a cohort of amazing people going through what you are going through who are willing to share input. I’m sad it’s coming to an end but I feel so much better prepared to head out on my own!” – Tyffany

“This process has been a huge eye opener for me! I first heard about Jason Seib through a podcast that I listen to. He was on it talking about Body Beliefs, I honestly thought he knew me and was talking about my life. So I purchased Body Beliefs and read through it and it made so much sense. So I took it a step further and bought AltShift, read it as well and like every other diet started on a Monday (still giggle about that to myself). It was just before the AltShift Activate #2 was about to start and I didn’t know if I should do this or not and stewed about it for a few days and thought this is it!! It’s time for me! I can say this will change your life!! It’s changed mine in ways I never thought possible. Jason is here for us everyday! He is an awesome coach and I would recommend this to everyone who is looking to be healthier, more vital and happier! Thanks Jason.” – Joan

“I came to Activate for straight up health and longevity. I know in my heart that a healthy body is the “right” size (whatever that may be), and after being many sizes and recently creeping back up from a health plummet – I was enchanted with the thought of steady energy all day and not to need multiple naps a day. What I got was a basic course in Care of Your Body 101, mental hygiene, nutritional hygiene, movement hygiene, and sleep hygiene. Jason has helped me see how I can puzzle all my steps in throughout the day instead of only in a lump. He has helped me to use meditation differently than before – to help me see when I am talking myself into or out of things. In Activate, getting the right foods in the right shift is the point and I can see where you might never need to move to looking at calories if you can nail that. Sleep is my jam, so I kind of had that covered :). AltShift Activate feels to me like learning a rhythm of caring for yourself, not another regimen. We get to learn how our brains scream FAIL and often then we either bail or run harder until we cannot do the thing anymore. For me, Activate has helped me see how lifestyle change really can be sustainable, and not just until the next big life boot comes crashing in. I cannot recommend this enough. I wish this could be taught to the masses instead of the current warring on obesity. I appreciate you, Jason and all your awesome guinea pigs along the way!” – Brandilynn

“To anyone considering joining the next round of AltShift Activate I would whole heartedly recommend it. This is so much more than a 6 week diet. Jason delves deeply into our thoughts, he is our coach, mentor and psychiatrist, with us everyday giving us thoughts to ponder over, answering our questions and giving advice . We have bonded (even if silently) with our struggles and achievements. Absolutely money well spent, do not hesitate, you are worth it !!!!!” – Janet

“I cannot say enough good things about AltShift Activate and the impact it has had on me. As someone who had started and stopped AltShift many times, it was exactly what I needed to make this a permanent lifestyle change. Without ASA, I don’t think I would have realized the true impact of sleep and especially meditation on this whole process. The daily videos were like Jason creeped into my brain and spoke about exactly what was on my mind- my questions, concerns, struggles. Having access to Jason for these 6 weeks has been invaluable. If you are on the fence, take the leap. You will not regret it.” – Maria

“AltShift Activate is quite honestly like nothing else I have tried. I came into the program tired, frustrated and somewhat half-heartedly, but signed up for the six weeks as I really did not know where else to look for wellness and weight-loss success. I came from a long history of dieting and had experienced Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and an on-again, off-again relationship with Paleo in more recent times, but my success was short-lived since my motivation was driven by pure vanity.

Jason approaches weight-loss as a consequence of awareness, self-love and inquiry, and not the cause of it. I had actually quit AltShift Activate about 5 days into the program but kept on watching his coaching videos, rebelliously chowing down on a pint of ice-cream as I listened; but his honesty and understanding really hit home with me. As I considered his wisdom, I was able to put the spoon down, begin the work, journal my thoughts and eat according to the program guidelines. I feel alive and happy and have become significantly leaner since the beginning. I feel that Jason has created something magical and really wonder how many more years I would have suffered had I not signed up for this.” – K

“Activate is a moment of calm, contemplation and sense. It enables you to get to the route of your headtrash and gives you strategies to face off the nonsense that past experience has planted there. It installs the 4 core good habits of AltShift and sets you up for success. The belief that Jason has for this shines through every wise word and passionate rant – he genuinely wants us all to be winners. This has been one of the best decisions I have made.” – Tansy

“AltShift Activate was just the extra help I needed to get me back on track. The daily videos keep me motivated and thinking. Jason answered all my questions and got me to understand why I kept falling off the wagon. No doubt a lot of work and commitment but so worth it. The struggles shared by the rest of the community all help with going through this process. Do this for yourself.” – Helen

“AltShift Activate has been a game changer for me. I had been AltShifting since November 2015 and had made a lot of progress, but had not fixed my head. I was lucky enough to have one-on-one calls with Jason and that brought important epiphanies. I hesitated to join AltShift Activate thinking it wouldn’t bring anything new. However I truly think the daily practice, videos and community have really hit home. I would recommend it to anyone at any stage of AltShift. Best money and time spent in my experience ever. You will not regret it, I promise!!” – Samantha

“On my 63rd birthday I gave myself a one year commitment to get as healthy as I possibly can. Included in this promise is ASA. I have been yoyo dieting for 50 years! My metabolism is not in great shape, however I had no idea! Jason not only helps not only with the physical problems associated with a lack of metabolic flexibility but also the brain problems. Who knew that I did all those ridiculous diets for the extrinsic reasons. Good to have Jason’s wisdom and guidance on my journey to health. Do not sit this out folks, sign up for for ASA.” – Amy

“I’ve been yo-yo dieting all my life. ASA is the absolutely best investment I’ve ever given myself in regards to getting healthy. Jason is such a sincere and rock-solid guy, coach, “invisible” friend, it’s impossible not to believe in his wisdom. Without the daily guidance I don’t think I could have stayed the course, I now do feel prepared to continue on my own, knowing that there will be stumbling blocks, but having the tools to overcome them.

And one other thing that has helped me tremendously are all the shared comments of my fellow ASA teammates. I’ve had insights by reading about the progress of others, sincerely shared, without embellishments.

Thank you Jason, thank you ASA2” – Gabrielle

“If you are looking and ready for real change, ASA will do it for you. Jason holds your hand every single day and provides individual attention to help you understand why you make the choices you do. You will have many “aha” moments that not only give you a healthier body but also a healthier mindset. This program will truly change your life. I have significantly more confidence and energy. I also learned how to show up in difficult situations with a peaceful and rational mindset. The program is a steal for the attention and perspective provided by Jason.” – Kristina

“I was someone who signed up for AltShift the day it came out. Tried it over and over and over, in between other diets. I always came back to AltShift, because it just made sense, but just seemed to get derailed after a week or sometimes a few weeks. I heard about ASA, and missed the first round. I watched, carefully for the announcement of ASA2, and signed up right away…cautiously optimistic. This has been a game-changer. Daily check-ins with Jason, so many “ah-ha” moments. My desperation has morphed into a calm journey. My negative self talk is checked, and turned around, or even more,…I’m not giving it the power to rule my life anymore. Skin is glowing, sex drive is baaaack, I’m doing some bucket-list things that I would never allowed myself to do because of my self-judgement…and yes, there has been fat loss! But, I can honestly say, it isn’t my focus now, feeling good, healthy, active and engaged in my life is my focus…and it happening. Working on my sleep still, but it will come. Thank you so much, Jason. As you have said, I’ve been around your fire for a long time (for about 7 years now), and FINALLY, I think I got this!” – Deirdre

“I signed up for AltShift Activate (#2) at my lowest point. Not because it was “another new diet” – I have had success with AltShift before… I just couldn’t stay committed. It was the moment of clarity that pushed me into clicking that Register button… I need help staying consistent because I need to fix my Inside, before I can fix my Outside.

If anyone has given me enough proof that he could help, it was Jason Seib.

Fast forward four weeks and I’m a full-on different person. I’m consistent, I’m focused, I’m self-aware and confident, I’m happier, I’m healthier, I’m calmer, I’m SLEEPING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS!

(Quite frankly, I haven’t the foggiest idea if I’m a lighter person or smaller person, because I never once stepped on a scale or picked up a measuring tape. Because I wasn’t here for that.)

Our time has flown by. I’m so excited by what my future holds. AltShift Activate has been the ideal platform for me to safely let go of all the negative and harmful habits and thoughts I picked up over the many years, from the many different people and places.

Jason has shown me how to replace all that with Positive, Mindful, Beneficial, and Healthy thoughts and habits.

I had to do all the work, however – it isn’t being served up on a silver platter. You will have to Earn It. But it is soooo worth it! I am a different person today than I was one short month ago. I didn’t get here alone.

Thank You Jason Seib, for everything so far and for what’s to come also. (And also for this community… we learn from one another so ladies and gentlemen of AA #2, thank you too!)” – Heidi