I can’t believe it has been a year since we released AltShift to the world!  I honestly feel like my dreams are all coming true, but to be honest, these are dreams that I had never dared to have just a couple of years ago.  I really never thought I would discover a fat loss protocol as effective as AltShift.  I expected to be able to get amazing results for my clients, but I assumed those results would always be dependent on a person’s proximity to me and my ability to make changes on the fly as a client progressed.  AltShift changed all that.

SherylSheryl’s results lit the fire.  I vividly remember starting her on the protocol that we would eventually call AltShift.  I’m optimistic by nature and I truly hoped that it would produce something amazing in her, but I wasn’t really thinking of it as more than a tool in my own arsenal.  When Sheryl’s results came quickly, even after more than 7 years of paleo, my mind began to race with the possibilities.  Then, when the test group (initially 16 people, then expanded out to 24) saw the same kind of results, I was so excited that my feet stopped touching the ground for a while.  This is the kind of thing that someone like me fantasizes about like a guitarist dreams of his band getting signed to a major record label.

I wrote the book, Sheryl created 70 recipes for it, and we released it on September 3, 2015.  One thousand copies flew out the door (or off of our site) so fast that I still feel a little light headed when I think of it.  Two days later, by request, we created the AltShift Facebook group which now has well over 6,000 members.  Within about a week of creating the group, the testimonials began coming in and they have never stopped!

On September 30, 2015, we posted episode one of the AltShift Podcast.  I remember wondering if anyone would care.  I just wanted it to debut in the top 200 in the Fitness and Nutrition category on iTunes.  I figured that if we could that, we could grind our way into the hearts of our followers over the course of the next few years.  The day after the podcast was posted, we were still waiting for it to show up in the iTunes ranking and someone in the Facebook group asked, “Does anyone have an AltShift tattoo yet?”  Fool that I am, I replied, “I’ll get an AltShift tattoo if the podcast ever makes it to number 1 on iTunes.”  The following day we debuted at number 2 and moved into the number 1 slot shortly thereafter, holding that position for about 36 hours (yes, I watched very closely).  True to my word, this happened the same day:


My life turned into a whirlwind of AltShift adventure in the months that followed.  There were trips to various parts of the country to meet AltShifters, Meetup groups were formed in many cities where AltShifters had taken it upon themselves to gather and support each other, and the book just kept selling, bringing more and more people into the fold every day.

On June 11, 2016, we held our first AltShift Like A Pro Webinar.  The point was to help people understand what they might be overlooking and where they might make adjustments within the AltShift guidelines so that they could get better results.  After just two live versions, we were receiving a ton of requests to record the webinar and make it available for purchase.  So, we did just that and it has been a hit.  In fact, we have not received a single negative review thus far, while many people have contacted us or posted in the Facebook group saying that the webinar brought everything into focus for them, setting them on the path to long term success.

On July 14, 2016, we released AltShift Lift, effectively filling the gap in our instruction of the AltShift lifestyle by teaching beginners and seasoned lifters alike how to best use resistance training for fat loss in conjunction with AltShift.  Again, we had a huge success on our hands with sales far exceeding our expectations, and again, we have yet to receive a single negative comment about the quality or effectiveness of AltShift Lift.

Finally, we launched the AltShift Forums on August 18, 2016.  This was the final step for me in my desire to provide all the necessary tools that AltShifters might need to be successful.  Now, someone can read AltShift and start the protocol, watch the webinar if they feel like they need to dig into the list of things they might be overlooking, and then join the forums for ongoing support from me, the AltShift team, and our awesome community.  Not all of these steps will be necessary for everyone, and most of our amazing testimonials over the past year were created without the webinar or the forums, but tools are in place for those who need them.

Where are we going next?  I can only tell you that a cookbook is coming soon.  Sheryl has had a busy summer, but she is finally getting close to wrapping up another 40 recipes for you, and I can assure you that, as always, this book will be affordably priced.  Other than that, I’m not sure what another year of AltShift will bring.  We hope to do more traveling, so maybe Sheryl and I will make it to your city.  I might eventually write a more advanced version of AltShift Lift, but I am currently not convinced that this is necessary.  The only promises I can make you is that I will definitely continue to build our YouTube channel, write blog posts, do Periscopes on weekday mornings, release podcasts on Thursdays, and generally try to make myself as available as possible to help you succeed, especially when it comes to changing your perspective to something more healthy.

I want to thank you, AltShifters, for trusting me enough to try AltShift.  I am grateful for every testimonial and all the before/after pics that you have shared.  I sincerely hope I am having a positive impact on your life, because you are certainly having a positive impact on mine.  I hope you will keep sharing AltShift with the people you care about, helping us change more lives.

Go forth and be awesome.


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  1. ❤️ Thanks jason. I’ve been following you since the beginning with The Paleo Coach. You’re teaching style is great. Got to meet you in Chico and can’t wait to keep learning from you. Thanks for all you do.

  2. So happy for you and your family! Love hearing about dreams coming true to wonderful people! May this next year surpass this last one!!

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