The Science Of Carbs And Fat Loss

Hopefully, this will clear some things up for you if you have carb questions.

What Is A Plateau?

Let’s define this once and for all.

“You’re No Fun Anymore!”

What do you do when people in your life don’t seem to want you to change?

Fat Loss Plateaus And The 4 Health Inputs

What does YOUR body respond best to?

Working Out With Sheryl

My lovely wife smashing an AltShift Lift workout.

Caffeine and Fat Loss

Will coffee affect your fat loss goals?

Evolution and Modern Foods – The Flawed Argument

There are those who will say that we have evolved to eat processed modern foods because we have been eating them for so long. ¬†Here’s why they’re wrong.

Fruit and Fat Loss

Here’s what you need to know about fruit and how it may affect you fat loss goals.

A Plea To The Partners – Please Be Supportive!

Partners, spouses, loved ones, and friends, can I have a moment of your time?

Exercising On An Empty Stomach

Training in a fasted state can have benefit for some people.