Sprinting For Beginners

Sometimes we have to move quickly and explosively.  Doing so could literally save your life.  While human bodies don’t really understand traditional cardio (like 70-80% of VO2 max at a steady state for an extended period of time), they intimately understand the kind of intense exercise that mimics escaping predators ..Continue Reading

Intro To AltShift Lift

As you probably already know, AltShift Lift, our new resistance training ebook designed to supplement your AltShift lifestyle and fat loss goals, will be available very soon.  All the exercise instruction will be delivered through videos, which will allow me to give you the absolute best possible coaching that I ..Continue Reading

AltShift and Exercise

Don’t adjust your exercise to fit AltShift or AltShift to fit your exercise.  Here’s why. Some of the people we tested AltShift on were not exercising at all and they still got great results, but as I said in the book, no diet alone will take you all the way ..Continue Reading

Defining Resistance Training

I explained the benefits of lifting weights in The Fat Loss Directive, and since that book is free, I won’t repeat myself here. However, I think some people might benefit from a description of the way resistance training needs to feel in the gym in order to be truly effective. ..Continue Reading

Risky Business

In my last post, we discussed exercise and what it should really represent in your life.  I didn’t quite get everything out of my head and onto the page in that one, so let’s continue today.  Injury risk is our next topic, so let’s get after it. Why do you ..Continue Reading

What Are You Simulating?

I think there is an underlying misunderstanding at the foundation of the general public’s perception of what exercise is and what it should accomplish.  I hope to change your perception today, but some people might not like what I have to say. Let’s start by defining exercise.  Google says exercise ..Continue Reading