Choose Your Own Adventure

I’d like to share with you a familiar conversation I had recently with someone who asked for my help. She was trying to stay on track with her fat loss goals and we were going over the various things that had caused her to derail in the past. At one ..Continue Reading

Fat Loss Forever? Here’s The Magic!

This is some of the best advice I could ever give you for sustainable fat loss.

It’s Kind Of Like Potty Training…

Fat loss requires adaptation.  Here’s an analogy for how it works and why you might be tripping yourself up.

The Case For Minimalist Exercise

In the final part of this 3 part exercise series, I give you my reasons for prescribing minimalist exercise to almost everyone I work with.

AltShifting Like A Pro

You are AltShifting like a pro when…

Alcohol And Fat Loss

I know, it sucks, but denial isn’t helping.  Pretending that alcohol is a non-issue with your fat loss goals is a mistake.

Evolution and Modern Foods – The Flawed Argument

There are those who will say that we have evolved to eat processed modern foods because we have been eating them for so long.  Here’s why they’re wrong.

Fat Loss And Metabolic Flexibility

What is metabolic flexibility and why is it important to your fat loss goals?

The Magic Of Your First Time

Why do we usually get great results in the beginning, but only the first time?

A Plea To The Partners – Please Be Supportive!

Partners, spouses, loved ones, and friends, can I have a moment of your time?