Fat Loss Forever? Here’s The Magic!

This is some of the best advice I could ever give you for sustainable fat loss.

My Perspective On Women And Social Media

Social media has not been good for the women I work with.  Please give these points some thought.

The Case For Minimalist Exercise

In the final part of this 3 part exercise series, I give you my reasons for prescribing minimalist exercise to almost everyone I work with.

Working Out With Sheryl

My lovely wife smashing an AltShift Lift workout.

When 3 Shift Feels Like Dieting

Here’s some advice for those of you who are taken back to a bad place in your head when you 3 Shift rolls around.

AltShifting Like A Pro

You are AltShifting like a pro when…

Surviving The Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years – they are huge stumbling blocks for nearly everyone, but you can make it through.  You just have to change your perspective.

The Magic Of Your First Time

Why do we usually get great results in the beginning, but only the first time?

A Plea To The Partners – Please Be Supportive!

Partners, spouses, loved ones, and friends, can I have a moment of your time?

“How Fast Can I Lose Weight?”

Possibly the most common question about any diet.