What Is A Plateau?

Let’s define this once and for all.

Fat Loss Plateaus And The 4 Health Inputs

What does YOUR body respond best to?

Perfectionism Sucks!

Behavior change takes practice, but you can’t practice anything if you’re too busy calling yourself a failure and the quitting.

Fat Loss Forever? Here’s The Magic!

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It’s Kind Of Like Potty Training…

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Is This The Right Time To Start?

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Working Out With Sheryl

My lovely wife smashing an AltShift Lift workout.

When 3 Shift Feels Like Dieting

Here’s some advice for those of you who are taken back to a bad place in your head when you 3 Shift rolls around.

I Want To Be Your Imaginary Friend

Can I help with your diligence and consistency by offering more accountability?

AltShifting Like A Pro

You are AltShifting like a pro when…