I haven’t shared any results with you in a while and it’s time to remedy that.

Debbie found AltShift in mid 2017 and did AltShift Activate shortly thereafter. Since then, we have emailed a few times and even had the opportunity to meet in real life.

This is what the changes in Debbie’s body look like.

Debbie 1

The really cool part is that she created these changes by basically doing the opposite of what she had always done. From one of her emails:

“I just needed to share this with you. Every year I participate in a race on the first weekend of October. In the photo, on the left is a picture of me last year. I had trained to run the race, was counting calories and eating every 2 to 3 hours. I felt horrible by the end of the race: everything hurt, I was nauseous, and I felt like my blood sugar was low even though I had eaten before the start. On the right is this year. I walked. My training was my daily 10,000 steps. Because I wasn’t injured, I was able to walk most days and truly enjoy being outside. Today I just did what I always do: turn on an audio book, pick a good pace and enjoy being outside. At the end I had so much energy that I walked to the nearest coffee shop (a half mile away) to get a cup of coffee instead of drinking the hot chocolate that was being offered, nothing hurt, and I felt great even though I only had a slice of cheese before I started (today was a 5s day). I have found a love of being healthy and walking! After years of running and racing, I am so happy that I discovered how much better walking is! I need to thank you again, for showing me how to be healthy.”

However, in my opinion (and Debbie’s, too), her aesthetic changes are just the icing on the cake. She also said:

“I will admit that I am still working on my health (I believe that is going to take quite a bit longer) but I can honestly say that I am not perfect but I am now happy in the skin I am in! I am now in what I believe to be the best place I have ever been: I am pursuing health – not a weight, I enjoy shopping for clothes, I find myself telling everyone to have a wonderful day, I look for opportunities to meet new people – that is very different for this introvert, I continue to step outside of my comfort zone. The list could continue but I am sure you get the point. Meditation, sleeping, and finally having control of what I eat has made a huge difference for me. I am not sure that in our short conversations I have been able to convey how much you have been able to help me become a better person by changing my head. I have old friends that have asked what I have changed because they can tell something is different but they can’t quite figure it out – they will comment on how healthy I look, how outgoing I have become and how much energy I have and they will say, “I know you have lost weight but there is something else that is different…” I just smile and say thank you because I know that the difference is on the inside of my head and they just wouldn’t quite understand.”

And then most recently:

“I had another awesome realization this morning…..we had several inches of snow yesterday and last night so I had the opportunity to shovel snow this morning. About 2 minutes into shoveling I realized how much easier it was this year. In the past, I would do the front and then rest before trudging to the back yard to do the deck. Today, I was able to carry on a conversation with the neighbor while shoveling (before I always had to stop to have a conversation because of the amount of perceived work I was doing). I easily finished the front and then went immediately to the back to do the deck. When I was finished, I thought how easy that chore was today. I quickly moved into the next thing I needed to do, no need for a rest stop. The only difficulty I had during this morning’s snow removal was finding clothing that wasn’t falling off due to being to big! Truly a problem I am happy to overcome!!”

SO MUCH AWESOME! I love stories like this! And we create them all the time with the tools that we now have in place.

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