DumbbellsAs you probably already know, AltShift Lift, our new resistance training ebook designed to supplement your AltShift lifestyle and fat loss goals, will be available very soon.  All the exercise instruction will be delivered through videos, which will allow me to give you the absolute best possible coaching that I can offer at a distance.  You will only need a bench and pairs of dumbbells in various weights.  Here’s the introduction from the book:

This book has been a long time coming.  I have actually been thinking about these concepts for 4 years, but I needed to get AltShift out of my head before I could give resistance training its due.  It feels good to finally get this to you.

With the success of AltShift, it has become clear to me that I need to share what I know about resistance training with those beginners who aren’t likely to become interested in athletic performance or exercise culture.  I realized this because when I tried to find a satisfactory resource, I was left wanting.  To be fair, I have certainly not seen every book ever written on resistance training for beginners, but all that I have seen are missing at least one thing that I feel is essential – proper form taught in intimate detail, emphasis on intensity without ever risking safety, and/or a focus on health and fat loss through lifting without trying to turn the reader into an exercise hobbyist.  Since I couldn’t find such a book to refer you to, this will be that book.

Resistance training, when executed properly, can be a powerful tool in your fat loss arsenal.  It helps to improve metabolic rate and even fix damaged metabolisms.  It improves glucose control and helps to deplete stored glycogen, which will allow for better use of stored body fat in the hours after exercise.  It can even improve mood and self-confidence.  What’s not to like?

It is my intention to teach you some basic exercises with precise movement patterns that you can do for a lifetime and show you how to organize and periodize your workouts in a sensible way designed to achieve as much return on your investment as possible.  You won’t need to join a gym, although you can if you like, and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment.  You won’t need to completely rearrange your life to make time for what I am proposing here, either.  I guess we could say that this is sort of a minimalist approach to something I feel very strongly about.

Resistance training is something I truly love as a part of my own life.  I have always enjoyed moving weights with my muscles, but I have never turned lifting into an obsession or something social.  I don’t mean to imply that there is anything wrong with working out with friends or in an environment that you like, but I think I’m the right guy to teach you how to lift because I won’t be using those things as selling points.  I don’t have anything fashionable to sell you and I won’t be trying to convince you to identify yourself as a weightlifter, bodybuilder, powerlifter, or anything other than a healthy human.  If you become any of those things, it will be because you found them on your own.  I just want to help you reach your health and fitness goals and show you how to live with more vitality, and I want to do it without intimidating you, overwhelming you, or under-performing as your coach by not delivering to you the results that will keep you motivated to continue forever.

If you promise to try your best, I promise to give you the absolute best possible coaching that can be delivered digitally.  Deal?  Excellent!  Let’s do this.

Stay tuned, the book is coming very soon!



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  1. Very interested in this, but I hope you can provide more specific information on the structure, the equipment options included, type and number of exercises, etc. It would be great to have a sample of one description and exercise (link) that is in the book to get a feel. Usually you can look at a book before purchase so I think this would be helpful to your sales in general and to me in particular. I already weight train regularly, but I respect your knowledge and am always looking to fine tune my form. I’m not sure how “beginner” it will be. More information would help me gauge if your book would be a good resource for me. I use a lot of equipment at the gym as well as free weights. Thanks Jason!

    • Hang tight for a week or two after we release the book. The Facebook group should be buzzing with info and opinions shortly.

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