Rant Time – It’s Hard, But You Have To Do It Anyway

Meditation is essential to the process.

It’s Kind Of Like Potty Training…

Fat loss requires adaptation.  Here’s an analogy for how it works and why you might be tripping yourself up.

Is This The Right Time To Start?

There are lots of reasons why a major lifestyle change might be bad idea for you right now.

My Perspective On Women And Social Media

Social media has not been good for the women I work with.  Please give these points some thought.

The Case For Minimalist Exercise

In the final part of this 3 part exercise series, I give you my reasons for prescribing minimalist exercise to almost everyone I work with.

Exercise Isn’t Natural

If you struggle with the motivation to exercise, this one is for you.

Working Out With Sheryl

My lovely wife smashing an AltShift Lift workout.

When 3 Shift Feels Like Dieting

Here’s some advice for those of you who are taken back to a bad place in your head when you 3 Shift rolls around.

I Want To Be Your Imaginary Friend

Can I help with your diligence and consistency by offering more accountability?

AltShifting Like A Pro

You are AltShifting like a pro when…