Is This The Right Time To Start?

There are lots of reasons why a major lifestyle change might be bad idea for you right now.

My Perspective On Women And Social Media

Social media has not been good for the women I work with.  Please give these points some thought.

The Magic Of Your First Time

Why do we usually get great results in the beginning, but only the first time?

“How Fast Can I Lose Weight?”

Possibly the most common question about any diet.

Age Is Not A Factor!

If you are choosing not to get healthy and fit, you will need a better excuse than your age.

“Diets Don’t Work!”

The “diets don’t work” argument is becoming more common all the time.  It’s actually true, but only if you define “diet” by the misguided mainstream definition.

Your Health Is YOUR Responsibility – Be Your Own Guru

Your body is your own and nobody else will hand you health and vitality.

The Official ‘No BS’ Fat Loss Post

Warning: This one contains tough love and hard truths. The journey from here to the healthy, capable, and attractive body that you want will not always be smooth sailing.  As I’ve explained in the past, we aren’t supposed to have to think about any of this stuff.  Health should have ..Continue Reading

There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Body

The fictional woman depicted in this sculpture is Norma.  I first heard of her in the fantastic book, The End Of Average, by Todd Rose.  Norma tells an enlightening story about how the perfect female body doesn’t exist. While we may be able to concoct notions of the “perfect” body, nobody ..Continue Reading

Solitude and Silence, part 2

I did it.  I made it through.  I had not predicted how it would unfold, but I made it through. Settling In As you can see from the video above, I arrived in the early evening to a quaint little cabin, well secluded outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon.  I unpacked ..Continue Reading