Is it important to believe that you’re beautiful?

We’re going deep and abstract today. Sorry, but I need to get this out of my head. As I teach people how to become good self-coaches and change their motivations from the pointless extrinsic kind to the amazingly-beneficial intrinsic kind, I am often asked questions like this: “Okay, so I ..Continue Reading

Where Are All the Winners?

You may have heard about the Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign. They surveyed 6,400 women ages 18-64 in 5 cities around the world (San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and São Paolo) and came up with some heartbreaking statistics. One in particular really has me thinking. Only 4% of women describe themselves ..Continue Reading

How To Beat A Sweet Tooth

Let’s start with some honesty today. If you clicked on this post hoping for a magic trick that will help you escape your sweet tooth without any hard work or willpower, you can close it now and save yourself a few minutes of your precious time. I’ve never seen a trick ..Continue Reading

Choose Your Own Adventure

I’d like to share with you a familiar conversation I had recently with someone who asked for my help. She was trying to stay on track with her fat loss goals and we were going over the various things that had caused her to derail in the past. At one ..Continue Reading

Troll Hunting, part 2 (Email Series)

Hello. I got a ton of responses to my last email in which I asked you to share your trolls with me. In the next few emails, I’m going to dig into some of the most common ones and offer my best advice. One of the most common trolls stalking ..Continue Reading

Troll Hunting (Originally An Email)

Hi. I have a question for you. Where do trolls live? No, not the internet kind, real trolls. Okay, not REALLY real trolls. The fairy tail kind. Where do those trolls live? Obviously, the answer is under bridges. Everyone knows that. Trolls live under bridges and emerge to bar the ..Continue Reading

Body Beliefs Intro

Here’s the introduction from my new book, Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, and Happiness.  I hope you love it! Introduction Jenny’s Story Jenny was 6 when she learned that fat was bad. She was pretending to be a kitty, crawling on all fours and meowing as she made her ..Continue Reading

Quitting Isn’t Hard When Compared To Not Quitting

In this one, I argue that staying the same is much worse than the hassle of changing.

I Need To Challenge You

Women, how does spending so much time thinking about your body benefit your life?

It’s Kind Of Like Potty Training…

Fat loss requires adaptation.  Here’s an analogy for how it works and why you might be tripping yourself up.