Food Tracking Done Right

I have often said that math is not the best tool for developing a healthy relationship with food.  However, it dawns on me that outside of AltShift Activate, I’m not sure that I have ever really explained my best advice on how to track calories, fat, and carbs while doing ..Continue Reading

How To Beat A Sweet Tooth

Let’s start with some honesty today. If you clicked on this post hoping for a magic trick that will help you escape your sweet tooth without any hard work or willpower, you can close it now and save yourself a few minutes of your precious time. I’ve never seen a trick ..Continue Reading

A Test For Your Weight Loss Diet

If you aren’t brand new to my work, then you have likely heard me say that sustainable fat loss is all about health. Carrying a lot of extra body fat is simply an indication that a body is not in peak health. Furthermore, human attraction, like that of all mammals, ..Continue Reading

Fat Loss And Metabolic Flexibility

What is metabolic flexibility and why is it important to your fat loss goals?

Misunderstanding Overeating and Appetite

What would make a person overeat and should we address it directly?

AltShift Tip – Clean Up Your Split

Here’s a quick tip for better results.

How To Beat Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar is an enormous obstacle for so many people.  Here’s my best advice for beating it.

Creatine, It Does A Body Good

I don’t like many supplements, but I think creatine could have benefit for nearly everyone.

AltShift and Fasting

I’ve got a powerful tip for you today, but I need to make it clear that this advice is not for everyone.  If you have been AltShifting long enough to see some results and regain some metabolic flexibility, then this is for you.  If your primary obstacle is a damaged metabolism ..Continue Reading

The Flawed Evolution Argument Against Ancestral Diets

I haven’t been using the word “Paleo” in my work as often as I once did. Podcast listeners will know that this is because nobody owns paleo and it couldn’t be kept safe from the money grubbers looking to cash in on the movement.  Too many pre-release cookbooks have shown ..Continue Reading