Solitude and Silence, part 2

I did it.  I made it through.  I had not predicted how it would unfold, but I made it through. Settling In As you can see from the video above, I arrived in the early evening to a quaint little cabin, well secluded outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon.  I unpacked ..Continue Reading

Solitude and Silence, part 1

I have decided to challenge myself in a brand new way.  Frankly, it’s a challenge that scares the hell out of me, but that’s the biggest reason that I must face it head on. I will embark on my own adventure into solitude and silence. I have reserved a secluded cabin ..Continue Reading

Some Thoughts on Health and Modern Medicine

Let me preface this post by stating that what follows might not be loved by all.  I’m okay with that.  I’m certainly not inventing anything new here, but I think a perspective change could be useful.   Too many people in the Western world view health and the role of modern ..Continue Reading

Sprinting For Beginners

Sometimes we have to move quickly and explosively.  Doing so could literally save your life.  While human bodies don’t really understand traditional cardio (like 70-80% of VO2 max at a steady state for an extended period of time), they intimately understand the kind of intense exercise that mimics escaping predators ..Continue Reading

Scale Addiction

I’ve been saying this stuff for years and I don’t think a time will ever come in which I get to stop.  Weighing yourself to see if you are attractive is just plain silly.  Please hear me out.  If you disagree, fine, but just give me a minute to try ..Continue Reading

Rochelle and AltShift.

I recently received this awesome email from an amazing AltShifter, Rochelle, and I promptly harassed her into letting me share it with you.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rochelle in real life.  Her story is so common and her success is so inspiring.  I hope it helps you. I ..Continue Reading

Intro To AltShift Lift

As you probably already know, AltShift Lift, our new resistance training ebook designed to supplement your AltShift lifestyle and fat loss goals, will be available very soon.  All the exercise instruction will be delivered through videos, which will allow me to give you the absolute best possible coaching that I ..Continue Reading

What Are You Simulating?

I think there is an underlying misunderstanding at the foundation of the general public’s perception of what exercise is and what it should accomplish.  I hope to change your perception today, but some people might not like what I have to say. Let’s start by defining exercise.  Google says exercise ..Continue Reading

Longer is Forever

Adaptation.  It’s the undercurrent of everything you might be seeking when you come to someone like me for help.  The underlying truth behind everything about fat loss is this: we get from our bodies what we most consistently ask of them.  And consistency is where the magic lies. You have ..Continue Reading