Are you exercising reactively?

I’m sure you know that exercise is not optional for fat loss goals. You won’t diet your way to peak health, and peak health is where we find sustainable fat loss. To be clear, I’m not a fan of cardio or exercising to “burn” calories or beating the snot out ..Continue Reading

The Case For Minimalist Exercise

In the final part of this 3 part exercise series, I give you my reasons for prescribing minimalist exercise to almost everyone I work with.

Exercise Isn’t Natural

If you struggle with the motivation to exercise, this one is for you.

A Simple Concept That Will Change The Way You Look At Lifting Weights

This change of perspective can keep you safe and injury free for a lifetime.

2 Quick Steps To Less Shoulder And Neck Tightness

Shoulder and neck tightness are so common for those of us who carry our stress there.  These two steps can make a world of difference.

My Favorite Stretch For Shoulder Pain

This stretch can work miracles for bad shoulders.

Rant Time – “At Least I’m Exercising”

Today, I’m addressing another bad notion about exercise.  This one will never die, but I’m taking a shot at it anyway.

Another Squat Deviation – Bypassing The Glutes

Here’s another issue that SO many people have when they’re first learning to squat.

Why I Don’t Prescribe Olympic Lifts For My Clients

When I’m training someone for health, vitality, and fat loss, there are exercises and modalities that I leave out.  Here’s which ones and why.

How To Get More Steps Each Day

Simple tips to get more movement in a day and give your body what it needs to be healthy.