There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Body

The fictional woman depicted in this sculpture is Norma.  I first heard of her in the fantastic book, The End Of Average, by Todd Rose.  Norma tells an enlightening story about how the perfect female body doesn’t exist. While we may be able to concoct notions of the “perfect” body, nobody ..Continue Reading

Solitude and Silence, part 2

I did it.  I made it through.  I had not predicted how it would unfold, but I made it through. Settling In As you can see from the video above, I arrived in the early evening to a quaint little cabin, well secluded outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon.  I unpacked ..Continue Reading

Solitude and Silence, part 1

I have decided to challenge myself in a brand new way.  Frankly, it’s a challenge that scares the hell out of me, but that’s the biggest reason that I must face it head on. I will embark on my own adventure into solitude and silence. I have reserved a secluded cabin ..Continue Reading

AltShift and Fasting

I’ve got a powerful tip for you today, but I need to make it clear that this advice is not for everyone.  If you have been AltShifting long enough to see some results and regain some metabolic flexibility, then this is for you.  If your primary obstacle is a damaged metabolism ..Continue Reading

Your History Matters

For those who would rather read than watch, here’s the (only slightly cleaned up) transcript: Hey everybody.  I want to help you understand a concept today that can help you get your head around what’s going on with your fat loss attempts that you might be making right now, or ..Continue Reading

3 Wills And 3 Won’ts Of Fat Loss

Over the years, I have become increasingly aware of certain motivation states that typically lead to success, as well as those that usually result in failure.  A little introspection and self analysis can save you a lot of heartache.  When it comes to losing fat forever, which category are you ..Continue Reading

The “What Can I Get Away With” Mentality

Incoming tough love.  I haven’t talked about this stuff since The Paleo Coach, but it keeps popping up in my coaching and consulting lately. It doesn’t make sense to try to make a major change of lifestyle unless you’re truly ready.  This is sound advice that probably goes without saying ..Continue Reading

Why You Should Meditate For Fat Loss, Part 3

We have talked about the damage your inner voice is capable of doing.  We have also talked about how a broken perspective can leave you with an extrinsic motivation and, thus, a low chance of success.  Now let’s talk about how a person might go about changing those things. Meditation, ..Continue Reading

Why You Should Meditate For Fat Loss, Part 2

Last time we talked about how your inner voice can have you convinced of things that are nothing more than unsubstantiated assumptions.  Today, let’s go a little further down the path of how this affects your fat loss goals. I briefly mentioned intrinsic motivation last time.  To be intrinsically motivated ..Continue Reading

Why You Should Meditate For Fat Loss, Part 1

I need to start this post with an apology to all podcast listeners.  I have said numerous times that I would get an ebook on meditation out before the end of 2015, but I don’t think I can make that happen now.  The success of the new diet protocol I ..Continue Reading