Body Beliefs Intro

Here’s the introduction from my new book, Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, and Happiness.  I hope you love it! Introduction Jenny’s Story Jenny was 6 when she learned that fat was bad. She was pretending to be a kitty, crawling on all fours and meowing as she made her ..Continue Reading

Surviving The Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years – they are huge stumbling blocks for nearly everyone, but you can make it through.  You just have to change your perspective.

Behavior Is Everything – What You Are vs. What You Do

It’s a huge mistake to only focus on the physical process of a fat loss protocol without considering behavior patterns.

Everything You Need To Know About Willpower

Understanding how willpower works can make all the difference in how well it works for you.

Self Sabotage, Part 2 – Brace For Incoming Tough Love

This one is not for the feint of heart.

Self Sabotage

We have all been victims of self sabotage on some level.  Understanding it is the key to beating it.

Improving Body Image By The Numbers

Let’s use a little simple math to look at body image from a different angle.

Talking To My Daughter About Body Image

This one is more important to me than anything else I do.  If every parent would have a conversation like this with their daughters, I honestly think the world would be a better place for women.

Women, You’re Getting This Attraction Thing Wrong

There was a fascinating study done on attraction and body image in 1985 titled Sex Differences In Perceptions of Desirable Body Shape.  To be honest, I wish it was mandatory reading and discussion in school no later than 8th grade. The gist goes like this: 248 male and 227 female ..Continue Reading

Moral Licensing And What You “Deserve”

Are you trying to convince yourself that you deserve a reward for being a good girl or boy?