Food Tracking Done Right

I have often said that math is not the best tool for developing a healthy relationship with food.  However, it dawns on me that outside of AltShift Activate, I’m not sure that I have ever really explained my best advice on how to track calories, fat, and carbs while doing ..Continue Reading

Are you awesome?

The question in the title of this post is much more important than it may seem at a glance.   I’ll clarify and then you can put some thought into it before you answer. Are you doing everything you need to do to get healthy and lose weight because you are awesome?  Or, ..Continue Reading

“No, I can’t eat that?”

My wife and I have a habit that we practice around our girls and I think it has a lot of value for us all around, not just when we’re trying to set a good example. We try to never say the words “I can’t eat that.” Why?  Well, first of ..Continue Reading

This isn’t a war, a battle, or a fight.

As usual, I’ve been thinking about perspectives lately, particularly which ones lead to success. There are so few, and none of them seem to be common among the fat loss set, but they’re not terribly hard to change with a little effort. One perspective that I’ve literally never seen lead ..Continue Reading

Is it important to believe that you’re beautiful?

We’re going deep and abstract today. Sorry, but I need to get this out of my head. As I teach people how to become good self-coaches and change their motivations from the pointless extrinsic kind to the amazingly-beneficial intrinsic kind, I am often asked questions like this: “Okay, so I ..Continue Reading

Are you exercising reactively?

I’m sure you know that exercise is not optional for fat loss goals. You won’t diet your way to peak health, and peak health is where we find sustainable fat loss. To be clear, I’m not a fan of cardio or exercising to “burn” calories or beating the snot out ..Continue Reading

When your inner voice tells you to quit.

Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern of starting and stopping the lifestyle changes necessary for getting a healthy and fit body? If so, you can count yourself among the massive majority. In fact, I’ve built my career around you and everyone who feels like you do. AltShift Activate ..Continue Reading

Need Some Motivation? Meet Debbie!

I haven’t shared any results with you in a while and it’s time to remedy that. Debbie found AltShift in mid 2017 and did AltShift Activate shortly thereafter. Since then, we have emailed a few times and even had the opportunity to meet in real life. This is what the ..Continue Reading

Where Are All the Winners?

You may have heard about the Dove Choose Beautiful Campaign. They surveyed 6,400 women ages 18-64 in 5 cities around the world (San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and São Paolo) and came up with some heartbreaking statistics. One in particular really has me thinking. Only 4% of women describe themselves ..Continue Reading

Choose Your Own Adventure

I’d like to share with you a familiar conversation I had recently with someone who asked for my help. She was trying to stay on track with her fat loss goals and we were going over the various things that had caused her to derail in the past. At one ..Continue Reading