My Thoughts On Gastric Bypass

This one always raises some hackles.

I Need To Challenge You

Women, how does spending so much time thinking about your body benefit your life?

What Is A Plateau?

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“You’re No Fun Anymore!”

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Fat Loss Plateaus And The 4 Health Inputs

What does YOUR body respond best to?

Perfectionism Sucks!

Behavior change takes practice, but you can’t practice anything if you’re too busy calling yourself a failure and the quitting.

Fat Loss Forever? Here’s The Magic!

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Rant Time – It’s Hard, But You Have To Do It Anyway

Meditation is essential to the process.

It’s Kind Of Like Potty Training…

Fat loss requires adaptation. ¬†Here’s an analogy for how it works and why you might be tripping yourself up.

Is This The Right Time To Start?

There are lots of reasons why a major lifestyle change might be bad idea for you right now.