Troll Hunting, part 2 (Email Series)

Hello. I got a ton of responses to my last email in which I asked you to share your trolls with me. In the next few emails, I’m going to dig into some of the most common ones and offer my best advice. One of the most common trolls stalking ..Continue Reading

Troll Hunting (Originally An Email)

Hi. I have a question for you. Where do trolls live? No, not the internet kind, real trolls. Okay, not REALLY real trolls. The fairy tail kind. Where do those trolls live? Obviously, the answer is under bridges. Everyone knows that. Trolls live under bridges and emerge to bar the ..Continue Reading

Body Beliefs Intro

Here’s the introduction from my new book, Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, and Happiness.  I hope you love it! Introduction Jenny’s Story Jenny was 6 when she learned that fat was bad. She was pretending to be a kitty, crawling on all fours and meowing as she made her ..Continue Reading

New Book – Body Beliefs is coming soon!!

I have a new book on the way!!!

The “Not Fat” Rant – Can we please be sensible?!?

This one got a little intense.

Are You Really Too Busy To Get The Body You Want?

You will have to be the judge, but I want to get you thinking.

Making It Happen – I Can’t Be More Clear Than This!

Allow me to illustrate what success look like.

The Science Of Carbs And Fat Loss

Hopefully, this will clear some things up for you if you have carb questions.

No, Everyone Is NOT Beautiful Just The Way They Are

This is a touchy subject, but hear me out.  You have a lot of control over your level of attraction, but you need to understand the facts and not buy into ridiculous ideals.

Quitting Isn’t Hard When Compared To Not Quitting

In this one, I argue that staying the same is much worse than the hassle of changing.