How serious are you about your goals?

AltShift Exclusive is for those who REALLY want a new path to health and happiness. These people are not dabbling, experimenting, or trying something new. They are fed up with frustration, anxiety, and poor body image and they are ready to become something better.

At this level of coaching, I am quite literally bumping just 3 people to the top of my priority list. If you want me to think about you and your goals while I get ready in the morning, while I fall asleep at night, and in every idle moment between, this is how to make that happen. If we work together in this capacity, your success will become my obsession. Obviously, this is why I can only handle 3 people at a time. I just don’t have enough brain space to manage more.

A bit of honesty up front, I cannot and will not work with everyone. If I am to apply myself to you like I know I must, I will need to know that you will not be wasting our time and your money. In other words, your desire to work with me is not a guarantee that I can take you on. We’ll start with a questionnaire and then a telephone conversation in which we will make sure we are on the same page. When we feel like we have a good fit, we will discuss the protocol and tailor it to your life and needs.

First, the requirements:

- I can currently only offer AltShift Exclusive to those living in the US. You will see why when you have read what this program includes. I’m open to discussion with those in Canada and Mexico, but I can’t promise anything.

- You must read Body Beliefs and AltShift before we begin.

- I need a commitment of a minimum of 3 months. I do not believe that lives truly change forever in less time than this, and obstacles morph and evolve during these times of growth. Something that was not a problem for you in month 1 might be your biggest problem in month 3.

The basics of AltShift Exclusive include:

- A minimum of 2 phone or Skype calls per week. I am willing to talk with you every day for in-depth conversations, but I know life gets busy and that will not always be feasible. However, I need to hear your voice and know your struggles at least twice a week. I will also be available by phone (call or text) at any reasonable hour for those situations in which you need my help RIGHT NOW. If you text me requesting detailed answers, please expect me to call you.

- Daily goals and encouragement through communications from me each day via Voxer, a free app that will allow us to use our phones like walkie-talkies. If your Voxer app is open when I deliver my morning pep talk, you will be able to hear me and respond, if you choose to do so. If your app is not open, you will be able to listen to my message anytime you like and respond then if you choose to do so.

- End of the day check-in via email. This is where you will report to me how you faired with your food choices that day by answering a couple of questions based on what we’re working on at that time. This check-in will also be where you will tell me how you slept the night before.

- Meditation accountability via weekly screenshots of a meditation tracker app like Calm or Insight Timer.

- Walking accountability via screenshots of your step counter app sent to me at the end of each day.

- If applicable, or when we decide you are ready, I will design a workout plan for you and tailor it to your needs as you advance. I will periodically ask you to video yourself doing certain exercises and email them to me so that I can make sure that we can keep you safe and effective through outstanding form. This will, of course, require that you either have access to a gym or proper equipment at home (likely just dumbbells and a bench).

- You will receive 3 free passes to any and all rounds of AltShift Activate that begin during the time we are working together. Why 3? One for you, one for someone you live with who might influence your choices, and one for your bestie so that you have someone in the trenches with you in the way that only another beginner can be.

- I will spend one day with you in every 3 months. I will fly to you, wherever you are in the US and we will do whatever you need most from me for a minimum of 6 hours. Exercise form, working on aches and pains, auditing your fridge and pantry, or just hanging out all day talking about your current struggles, I am down for whatever and you can bring anyone into the mix. If it would be helpful for me to meet your spouse or partner to discuss your goals, let’s do that. If you have friends who would be more supportive if they understood what you’re doing, let’s invite them to coffee. Want me to talk to your daughter about body image, I’d be happy to help. (If you live within 50 miles of Portland, Oregon, we can discuss removing a portion of my travel costs from my fee.)

- When you decide you are ready to go on without me, we will design a specific and periodized plan that will allow you to continue your forward progress and help you to avoid as many obstacles as we can predict together. You will definitely not feel like you have been abandoned and left to your own devices.

As you can see, I was serious when I said I will be bumping you to the top of my priority list. I have put a lot of thought into whether or not I even wanted to do this program. I love creating amazing results and seeing people happy in their skin, but my time is valuable to me and this is a time-consuming project that will require my effort and input every day, seven days a week, for the entire time that I work with you. I’ve tried my best to keep the cost down, but I do not have the ability to stretch each day to, say, 25 and a half hours so that I can help you reach your goals. In the end, I decided to move forward because I love what I do and changing lives gets me out of bed in the morning.

Make no mistake, AltShift Exclusive is a program that fits with everything else that I teach. I will not spend 3 months trying to rip weight off of anyone only to watch her gain it all back. Regular weigh-ins and measurement tracking are not things I am interested in doing for you. I will be putting everything I have into getting you a healthy body, but a large part of that job will be about changing your perspective and motivation so that you can keep the results we create and actually be happy in your skin. Mindfulness will play into everything we do together. If Body Beliefs does not resonate with you in a big way, I am not your coach. I am also not your coach if you have 10 lbs of vanity weight to lose and you want me to help you get abs so you will look good at the beach on your next vacation.

I am your coach if you have been at war with your body and you realize that it’s time to get off the yo-yo dieting roller coaster and finally succeed.

The cost of AltShift Exclusive is $2000 per month with a 3 month commitment.

If you are interested in moving forward, please fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly. Thanks!

AltShift Exclusive Inquiry Form