Body Beliefs Intro

Here’s the introduction from my new book, Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, and Happiness.  I hope you love it! Introduction Jenny’s Story Jenny was 6 when she learned that fat was bad. She was pretending to be a kitty, crawling on all fours and meowing as she made her ..Continue Reading

Quitting Isn’t Hard When Compared To Not Quitting

In this one, I argue that staying the same is much worse than the hassle of changing.

I Need To Challenge You

Women, how does spending so much time thinking about your body benefit your life?

It’s Kind Of Like Potty Training…

Fat loss requires adaptation.  Here’s an analogy for how it works and why you might be tripping yourself up.

Is This The Right Time To Start?

There are lots of reasons why a major lifestyle change might be bad idea for you right now.

My Perspective On Women And Social Media

Social media has not been good for the women I work with.  Please give these points some thought.

The Magic Of Your First Time

Why do we usually get great results in the beginning, but only the first time?

“How Fast Can I Lose Weight?”

Possibly the most common question about any diet.

Age Is Not A Factor!

If you are choosing not to get healthy and fit, you will need a better excuse than your age.

“Diets Don’t Work!”

The “diets don’t work” argument is becoming more common all the time.  It’s actually true, but only if you define “diet” by the misguided mainstream definition.