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AltShift Diet by Jason Seib with recipes by Sheryl Seib


AltShift – Lasting Fast Loss at Last

AltShift works by not only asking what we should eat to be healthy and lean, but also when we should eat those foods (over days, not hours) to make the most of their macronutrient content and to keep our bodies from adapting and halting fat loss.

The hard part is keeping it off?  Not anymore!

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Body Beliefs 3D cover -400h


Body Beliefs

After years of coaching frustrated, yo-yo dieting women with fat loss goals, Jason Seib has reached a firm conclusion: his job is about minds, not bodies. Poor body image, low confidence, self sabotage, perfectionism, extrinsic motivations, social comparison, a basic misunderstanding of what fat loss really is – these are just a few of the obstacles keeping so many women from achieving their goals and creating bodies they love to live in. Yes, he is a man, but few professionals of either gender could ever lay claim to as much passion and devotion as Seib has poured into Body Beliefs. You can have the body you want, but you’re focused on the wrong part of the problem and your perspective is keeping you from success. Change your beliefs so that you can change your body. Forever.

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AltShift Lift Cover


AltShift Lift

Don’t know where to get started with resistance training?  AltShift Lift is a basic resistance training protocol designed for beginner to intermediate lifters who are primarily pursuing health and fat loss goals.  If you have literally never touched a weight before, AltShift Lift is for you, but it is also designed to give you everything you need to continue resistance training for the rest of your life.  The only equipment required are an exercise bench and dumbbells, so dive in and start building the healthy, capable body you want!

*All exercise instruction in this ebook is taught through videos.  You will need internet access on your device whenever you wish to access the videos.  This book will not be very useful if printed.
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AltShift Dish

AltShift Dish contains 40 new AltShift friendly recipes, 25 for 3 Shift and 15 for AltShift, all created by the original AltShifter, Sheryl Seib.  These recipes are representative of the way the Seibs eat at home and the kinds of meals that created and sustained Sheryl’s amazing results.

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The Fat Loss Directive by Jason Seib


The Fat Loss Directive

If you want long lasting success, dialing in all of your lifestyle basics will be essential.  The Fat Loss Directive points the way with our 20 most important tips, showing you where to focus your valuable time and energy for the best results.  Get these things right and the rest is easy!

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The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib Fat Loss Health


The Paleo Coach

If you’re looking for a practical, holistic, science-based approach that brings together all the aspects of the Paleo lifestyle, this is the book for you. “The Paleo Coach” is indispensable if you’re serious about “going Paleo” and sustaining the momentum until your strong, beautiful body is functioning as nature intended it to and you can’t imagine living any other way.

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